Lara Weithorn

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Lara is an Advanced MFR therapist, with 500+ hours of myofascial training from both John F. Barnes and Frances at HHI; and specializing in MFR for 10 years. Her fascination with fascia began 20+ years ago: after two decades of sports injuries and years of pain, a series of myofascial release treatments was the first relief she’d had in years! Lara was inspired to get her certification in massage in 1997, and eventually MFR. Her journey has continued with Craniosacral, Visceral Manipulation, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, DermoNeuroModulation, Advanced Movement Training, Dynamic NeuroMuscular Stabilization, and Yoga Tune Up teacher training, which she blends with her love of the outdoors, hiking, yoga, and more, for a whole mind-body approach to healing and life. CAMTC #25433

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