Virtual MFR Sessions

Video/Online Sessions Offered!

– Really missing your MFR sessions?
– Feeling tightness and restrictions?
– Now sure how to use your self-care tools for relief?

Human touch is so important, but for those who still choose to stay home, Frances, the owner of the MFR Center, offers video/online sessions to maintaining your fascial health and peace of mind!




  1. Pay for your private session ($35) with Frances here.
  2. Schedule your ½ hour window here!
  3. Prior to your appointment, arrange your phone, tablet or computer so your full body can be seen!
  4. Email Frances with your preferred remote platform.


  1. Yoga Mat & Self-Care Tools (tennis ball, foam roller, Da Vinci Tool, Thumbby, etc.).
  2. A device capable of FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.
  3. List of physical/emotional concerns.
  4. Your preferred music, if any.


  1. After receiving your emailed list of tools and physical concerns, Frances will design a personalized session.
  2. Once connected remotely, Frances will personally guide you through specific self-care techniques specifically for you and answer any questions you have.
  3. When the session is complete, Frances will email you with a description of your session, so you can repeat on your own, as needed.