Body Part Meanings

The Body as a Metaphor

The body is a mechanical system, but also reflects a person’s essential self, or spirit. Because of this, the body can be considered a metaphor, mirroring exactly what is occurring within a person’s deeper self. In face, every bodily area release to a specific life concern and conveys a spiritual idea. By understanding the meaning of various body parts you can better illuminate the nature of the illness, pain, or struggler reflected in a bodily challenge. After bringing that part of the body back “online,” you can take another leap forward. You can activate the spiritual quality innate in that body part. (taken in part from Cyndi Dale, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, March/April 2018)


  • Left side of the body relates to feminine concerns, such as receptivity, intuition, creativity and emotions.
  • Right side of the body considers masculine issues, such as activity, drive, achievements and thoughts.
  • Front side of the body refers to the conscience and everyday issues we face.
  • Back side of the body relates to unconscious and spiritual ideas and experiences of the soul.


  • Circulatory – flow of love and cycles of life.
  • Digestive – ideas, ideals and ability to choose between what is and isn’t suitable.
  • Excretory – release, waste management and ability to let go
  • Nervous – communication, flow of vital energy, and movement of light and sound.
  • Muscular – willpower for setting and achieving goals; soft tissues are related to connectivity to others, the self and the world.
  • Reproductive – feminine power, fertility and creativity.
  • Respiratory – expression fo personal spirit and one’s relationship with spirit.
  • Skeletal – foundation, the framework of self in the world.