Admin Team


FrancesLead MFR Therapist/Owner
Frances Nicolais established The Myofascial Release Center (a division of Focus on Fascia LLC) in 2006 in order to be able to provide a safe place for healing through this very powerful modality. All the independent therapists working through the MFR Center have been trained by John F. Barnes through the MFR Seminars or with Frances at Hands on Healing Institute, OR BOTH!


Office Manager/Sr. MFR Therapist
Tabitha Hersey keeps our space running with amazing efficiency, as well as being a valuable part of our independent team of Sr. MFR therapists. She is also here to assist clients in their needs, recommending the best therapists, most convenient times, scheduling appointments, and explaining homework stretches. She can also help with selection and purchase of the appropriate self-care product of your personal needs. Click here to email Tabitha.

Office Assistant
Karen Cohen is a valuable part of the MFR Center, keeping all the self-care tools in stock, as well as maintaining all our FREE products provided to our clients to assist them in their well-being! She also makes sure all our client brochures and handouts are available to all our patients!