Your Self-Care

Remember, you must take an active role in your healing not only in your sessions, but also in your daily practice of self-care, just as you would brush your teeth. This will help you maintain the freedom from your pain and the ability to stay aware of your body and it’s patterns. You can only change what you are aware of.

You can incorporate myofascial stretching into your daily practice by just holding your own passive stretches for 3-5 minutes (longer as you go along).

You can also use tools, such as fascia or massage balls balls, Da Vinci Tools, etc., to release shortened and restricted muscles, holding still for 3-5 minutes (longer as you go along). See our Products page!
Finally, you can practice your own myofascial unwinding or self-oscillations. All sessions will include self-treatment suggestions. Click here to learn how to do your own self-unwinding.