Your First Visit/What to Expect?

mfrcenterintakeformINTAKE FORM: Please download and complete fully the Intake Form, and bring it with you to your first session.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Myofascial Release is a highly interactive stretching technique that works with the patient’s body to determine the direction, force, and duration of the stretch to facilitate maximum relaxation of the tight or restricted tissues. The Myofascial Release therapist acts as a facilitator, working with the patient, not on the patient and uses no lotions or creams. Rather than planning a step-by-step treatment session, the therapist using Myofascial Release waits for guidance from the patient’s body.

ATTIRE: Please bring loose shorts for your session. For women, please bring a sports bra or loose tank top to change into for your session. Please come to your session showered and do not use body lotion before your session.

EVALUATION: Your first session will include an evaluation including a discussion of your health, injury and illness history. The remaining time will be hands-on, including instruction on home stretches necessary for your complete healing. At that time, your therapist will determine the best treatment plan (including frequency) to suite your personal needs and healing goals.

PAYMENT: Once your first appointment is scheduled, we respectfully require that you pre-pay for your first appointment by clicking on the therapist’s name below:

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