Mentoring Program

If you are an MFR therapist in training, we offer a mentoring program to enhance your skills with expert MFR therapists.

PREREQUISITE: John F. Barnes MFR1 seminar OR Hands on Healing FOF1 course. Other prerequisites maybe permitted with approval by Frances Nicolais, CMT.

MENTORING: Once registered (see below), you will need to schedule the following:

  • Trade with one of our expert MFR therapists (no charge for this).
  • Co-treat at least 5 sessions with our expert MFR therapists and their clients ($25 per hour paid directly to the therapists for their guidance and experience).
  • After at least 5 co-treating hours, mentoring therapists will provide one hands-on sessions to our expert therapists for evaluation (no charge for this).


For more details, please email us.

FOR CLIENTS: you may be asked if you would like to receive a dual session with your therapist and a mentoring therapist for no extra charge.