MFR Center Hands-on Mentoring Contract

Please complete and provide CAMTC and insurance information so we can start scheduling your mentoring hours.

This contract is made and entered into on the date above between the Mentoring Therapist named above and Frances Nicolais (Owner of Myofascial Release Center). Mentoring will take place at:

Myofascial Release Center
3460 Ocean View Blvd., Suite B
Glendale, CA 91208


The contract shall begin as indicated above, for 5 hours of mentoring with a Sr. Staff Therapist and 1-hour hands-on evaluation with Sr. Staff Therapist. This may be repeated three additional times for a total of 24 hours of mentoring. One-time registration fee is $50 payable to the MFR Center, then $40 per hour payable to the supervising Sr. Staff Therapist. There is no charge for the 1-hour hands-on evaluation.


MFR Center will supply all treatment room supplies and clients willing to have a 2nd therapist for their session. No guarantee will be made for any given slot, as final decision will be up to each client.


The mentoring therapist will provide with their availability each week, according to the schedule below. Lead & Sr. Staff Therapists will confirm slots with willing clients. Once confirmed, the mentoring therapist shall arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start time and be ready to begin immediately. Mentoring therapist may be asked to do a postural analysis of the client, and/or choose where to begin the session. Mentoring therapist is requested to be open to guidance from both the lead therapist and/or the client.

The mentoring therapist will indicate below, the time frame when they are generally available for each week:

Mentoring therapist must also provide a copy of current California State Certification (if applicable) and current Liability Insurance with the MFR Center listed as an additionally insured, as indicated below:

Myofascial Release Center
3460 Ocean View Blvd., Suite B
Glendale, CA 91208
Attn: Frances Nicolais
(818) 945-9731

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