Inner Wisdom

Another way to increase the potential of your MFR sessions is to tap into your Inner Wisdom.

Step 1: Be still & listen within – let go of outside influences! How can you possibly hear your inner wisdom if there is too much noise coming at you from all directions? Stop and take some time to practice listening within. Press the pause button on the outside world. Don’t worry, it will be waiting for you when you return.  Close your eyes and notice what’s going on inside, let go of judgment, just notice and observe. Listen to any messages that arise. If sitting still is too challenging at first, try it in short increments or experiment with being alone, in nature, or somewhere that you feel comfortable and take some time to look within yourself & notice your own thoughts.

Step 2: Meet your Ego, meet your Authentic Self, and learn how to tell them apart. Now that you’ve quieted down the outside world, really get to know your inner thoughts. You may notice 2 different types of voices in there. One may be very loud and commanding, telling you what you need to do, what you should have done, or pressuring you to know the “right” answer. This strong and pushy presence is your Ego. Your Ego is not a product of your inner wisdom, it is a product of the culmination of information you’ve learned from the outside world and any fears that you may have about it. However, patiently waiting to be heard, right along side your Ego, is your authentic voice. This is the voice of your Authentic Self, the one who knows who you really are and what’s truly best for you. Your authentic self is informed by your inner wisdom and is an excellent guide. Now that you’ve met both forces influencing your thoughts, be very discerning when you get a message and try to decipher if this is your Ego talking or your Authentic Self.

Step 3: Be inquisitive about yourself and notice how you feel. Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether the messages you’re getting are truly coming from your Inner Wisdom.  Ask yourself: what type of information am I getting? Is it clear, simple & understandable? Or is it so complicated that it feels unresolved. If it’s the latter, this is not your inner wisdom speaking. Your inner wisdom is always the simpler answer, the one you can easily understand and that makes sense to you. If you are struggling to decipher it, it’s not coming from your inner wisdom. Notice how the messages you’re getting make you feel. Do you feel lighter? A sense of relief, calm or justness? These are signs that the answer is provided by your inner wisdom. You will know when it feels right, even if the answer is something you didn’t expect or causes you challenge, you will feel a sense of “rightness” and resolve. If you feel unsure, you’re probably just not there yet.

Step 4: Let your heart lead – Remember your inner child. Another way to recognize and connect with your inner wisdom is to let your heart be your guide. Really check in with that part of yourself that LOVES. What do you love? Who do you love? Why do you love? What does this part of yourself tell you to do? Often, this part of ourselves was stronger or more dominant when we were children, before we became hardened by the outside world and put up defenses. Try to remember what you loved to do as a child or how you would have acted before you “knew better.” Experiment with following those joyful, loving impulses and see what happens. Allow yourself to be joyful and loving towards yourself and others. Leading with love creates more space for your inner wisdom to present itself and guide you towards your true desires.

Step 5: Connect with your center – the source of your confidence. When out and about in the world, remember to come back to your center, over and over again. Check in with your inner voice, your authentic self, your quiet mind – this is the source of your power and strength. When you are connected to your center, your inner wisdom infuses you with core confidence – the confidence to be your true self and to make the right choices for you, the ones that will lead to your happiness.