Internship Program

For MFR therapists, once you complete at least 6 hours of the Mentoring Program, we may offer an independent internship for those interested in working with the MFR Center, depending on our schedule and availability of treatment rooms.

OFFERED TO CLIENT: You provide 60 minute (or longer) MFR sessions at our current intern rate.

OFFERED TO YOU: After a 4-6 month internship, if you are obtaining at least a 60% rebooking rate and excellent evaluations from the clients, you may be offered join our team of independent MFR Therapists at our clinic.

REQUIRED BY MFR CENTER: Liability insurance, adherence to our health and safety policies.

REQUESTED FROM CLIENT: We ask you to please complete an evaluation for the intern therapist after your session in order for them to learn and improve their skills.

For more details including your compensation, please email us.