Tana Gaudi

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Tana specializes in body-centered approaches to trauma release. Her healing arts journey began in 2009 with her first Reiki attunement.  From there, she trained in massage at IPSB, National Holistic Institute and Hands on Healing Institute. Early in her career, she began to notice that people’s pain patterns went deeper than the knots in their tissues, and that their bodies were holding trauma deep in their tissues. Her curiosity led to additional training and a passion for working with the body and the nervous system to release the patterns of pain and trauma. Tana incorporates her tools and training in myofascial release, breathwork, trauma recovery coaching and somatic experiencing to help her clients feel safe in their bodies and empowered in their voice. In her free time, you’ll find Tana outdoors connecting with nature, leading women’s circles or geeking out on neuroscience. CAMTC #70883